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Boxing Machines

Boxing Machine

Boxing Machine
  • Noise cancellation technology

  • Extra security on cash doors

  • Double coin mechanisms

  • 3 different games – Speed, Reflex and strength ​

  • 1 game = 50p, 2 games = £1, 5 games = 5 games

  • H. 213cm W. 71cm D. 114 cm



Sweet Brothers Vending, as a vending machine supplier, has taken the leisure industry to new heights of innovation and excitement. We are a leading supplier of attractive and easy-to-install boxing machines UK which has catered to the amusement needs of a multitude of people. Sweet Brothers Vending has laid the foundation of a remunerative landscape for businesses involved in the leisure industry through its highly-advanced technologies.

Having a boxing vending machine is the perfect choice for aspiring and enthusiastic business owners for making a good deal of money. Getting a boxing machine UK can be intimidating but we help businesses in getting what would suit their needs in the best way. The company’s boxing vending machine is a quintessential technology in the present times that have successfully met the amusement needs of many.

Our technology is unique and fresh in the industry which proves incredibly profitable for business owners. This is what makes our technology to stand out from others:

  • Each of our machines is fitted with two coin mechanism and extra cash box security tools which ensure unmatched safety to the money.
  • It is incorporated with a noiseless technology that would give users a pleasant gaming experience.
  • Our machines allow players to choose one from three games. Players need to insert a 50p coin that causes a ball to drop down for them to start playing. Players get a score based on the number of punches on the ball.
  • These machines allow players to play up to 6 tournaments, a feature that is uncommon to many other products of the industry.
  • These machines have favorable dimensions that allow their installation in different spaces (H: 213cm W: 71cm D: 114 cm)

Sweet Brothers Vending has become a popular vending machine supplier in and around London. Our customer base extends to different locations like Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and Manchester.

Boxing machines Leeds has gained popularity owing to the large young population of the place who desire entertainment in a fun and exciting way. The much-needed amusement, which is often sought in expensive game zones, is provided to the youngsters in an affordable and exciting manner by Sweet Brothers Vending.

Boxing machines Bradford has experienced an inflated demand in the present times, not because of the young population but because of the growing popularity of these machines as business investment options. We provide what would make these investments profitable for owners- attractive, affordable and appropriate products.

With nightclubs, pubs, discotheques, arcades, working men’s clubs, bowling alleys and malls becoming a regular feature, Boxing machines Manchester has gained immense popularity amongst many youngsters who look for something more when in any of these places.

Boxing machines Sheffield provided by us has transformed the place by replacing a boring and lackadaisical atmosphere with one filled with fun and excitement for youngsters.

Sweet Brothers Vending is a one-stop solution for businesses in the amusement industry. Its unique, offbeat and user-friendly amusement machines can take businesses closer to achieving customer satisfaction, earning profits and becoming competent industrial players.

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Offer - We are so confident this machine doesn’t cause trouble that you can try this machine for 30 days,  if you do not like the machine within this period we will remove the machine within 24 hours and give you all the money in the cash box.

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